Pure Contour

OCTOBER 5, 2015

In this assignment we first had to draw our shows from three different angles and using pure contour, and then we had to find an interesting place on the shoe to zoom in on and crop.

I started out by drawing the overhead ("bird's eye") view of my shoe, because I thought that that one would be rather easy. It took a while to get the proportions right, however, because I was unused to drawing things from that perspective and I wanted to get it as close to right as possible. After I got the basic shape of the shoe drawn it became easier, though, and the side-view drawing was without much difficulty. I had the most trouble with the front-view of the shoe, because that's such an odd angle, but I tried my best. As for the zooming and cropping, I chose to zoom in on a part of my shoe that had laces.

I drew my Converse because they were the shoes that I was wearing that day, and also because I have had them for quite a while and I have become used to them. Due to my wide feet the material was also stretched in an interesting way, and also the laces were knotted in a complicated manner so it became rather fun to draw. I chose the laces to zoom in on, because they seemed like they would be an interesting spot to draw although perhaps if I had drawn the actual knot it would have been even better. An effective use of space was a focal point in this, because I wanted my use of space to be interesting and also visually appealing, without going overboard. However, my main focus in this work was, obviously, line; I have a tough time not drawing sketchy lines, and so this was a sort of struggle for me considering the fact that the whole point of pure contour is having un-sketchy lines. Overall, I think that these turned out okay.