Creative Color Wheel

MARCH 19, 2016

In these projects, our focus was color mixing, as well as making various shades and tints. One project was just a simple value scale; the other was a creative color wheel, wherein we were to use 84 different colors in the piece. Other than that, the subject was up to us.

In the color wheel painting, the first thing I did was a preliminary sketch, to come up with some different ideas for the final piece. Then I chose the favorite out of those, and I sketched out an enlargement on the canvas. I chose to use the small canvas as opposed to the large one, because I didn't think that my chosen image would look as good on that large a scale. Then, once that I was done, I began to work with the paint. I first painted the background entirely black. Then, before I actually painted the colors, I mixed the shades for each color (e.g. I would mix the three shades and three tints of the red before I actually painted it onto the canvas). I did this for the entirety of the piece, since I found this process to be the easiest for me. Usually, I also went over each color twice with paint, to make the color as solid as possible. At the end, I added a few stars—using white pen—to fill up some of that black space.

I like this piece, actually. Having never really worked with paint before, I think that this is a good outcome, although it is a bit clear that I am a beginner. I think that I did a pretty good job getting solid colors, as well, though around the edges it does fade away a bit. I found it difficult working with the paint brush sometimes, because often the bristles weren't angled, and that made it more difficult to achieve the desired cleanness of lines. In addition, I like the gradient affect of my overall piece—how it goes from darker to lighter in each of the petals looks nice to me. I do think that maybe it would look better if it were reversed, and the darker colors were on the tip of the petals, because then I it would look as though the flower was fading in, but it isn't too terrible. Although I did not receive a perfect score on this piece, I am still proud of the work that I put into it, and I think that I did a nice job.