Black & White Observational Animal


OCT. 4, 2017 — pen on tinted paper

In this project, the objective was to create an observational piece using only (or mostly) black and white.

I chose to draw dinosaurs, since I thought that that might be interesting. However, I didn't want to do a full piece with a habitat and everything, since I'd just done that for my last project. Instead, I thought it might be cool to draw a bunch of zoomed in pictures of different sections of different dinosaurs. I chose to use tinted paper because I thought it would look cool against the black and white, and also it would (technically) save me from having a bunch of white space. So I drew out some boxes, sketched out the dinosaurs (and the crocodile head) with pencil, and then went over it with a fine point pen. After the outlines were done I went back in and used both black and white to add some texture, and finally added some shadows with pencil.

I actually liked this project, probably because I liked the outcome. I'm happy with the contrast between the beige paper and the black and white pens, and it was fun experimenting with different types of paper. If I'd had more time, I might've gone in with charcoal and added some more shading or something, but I think that it looks fine without it. I also think that I had good composition, and since these are more interesting than my usual projects, since the subject isn't dead on in the middle of the paper. Overall, I had fun with this project and I'm happy with how it came out.