Time Capsules


In this assignment, we were asked to create four drawings: one of an interesting object (top left); one of ourselves, drawn using our reflection as a reference (top right); one of our hand holding something (bottom left); and one of a corner of a room (bottom right).

I chose to draw a pair of scissors for the interesting object. For my hand, I drew it holding the slip of paper that had the assignment on it. And for the corner of the room, I chose to draw the corner of my bedroom. I drew each of these using only regular HB pencils, as well as only drawing it the way I saw it, without taking any photos. When I drew the scissors I placed them in what I thought was an interesting position; the same goes for my hand, which I drew at what I believed to be an interesting angle. The corner of my room was also drawn at an odd angle, although that may not be correctly mirrored in my drawing.

When I was choosing what to draw for the four of these, I did not immediately have any particular plan in mind. The first that I drew was the hand, because I had the slip of paper in my hand at the time and so I figured that I may as well draw that. I attempted to shade it in a way that was realistic, however I have a habit of over-shading (I like how dramatic it makes drawings look), and also my lines were a bit sketchy. The shape of my hand was hard to capture for me, however, becasue I am unaccustomed to drawing them and so it was a rather foreign experience in a way. Either way, I think this drawing is the one that I think turned out the best. I chose to draw scissors for the interesting object because they, too, were convenient at the time however my value was off on this one and my shading was far too dark, although I think that perhaps the strange lighting had something to do with that. The convenience factor also played a part in that I drew a corner of my bedroom as opposed to a different room in the house (I was in my room at the time). However, from this window I also have a view of the river, and so I thought that it would be nice to capture this little spot, since I spend so much time looking at it. However, the lines in this were very sketchy and there is not much constrast, as I left too much white space, I think. I was unsure how to deal with this drawing, as it was from an angle that I didn't really draw much, and so the perspective was a taf off and I did not really use the space as effectively as I probably could have. The self-portrait was most likely the most difficult one, because drawing faces not my forte, and also it was difficult to keep looking down at my paper and back up into the mirror. Due to this the shapes and space of my face turned out to be more than a little off, and the values were also incorrect. In this one I didn't even bother to try smiling, because I am not naturally a smile-y person and I suppose that it would be more like "me" if I drew my unsmiling, semi-glaring, unintentionally emotionless face. Overall, I think that these turned out okay for a pre-instruction drawing, although there were definitely places where I could have improved.