Negative Space

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

In this assignment, we had to do two drawings that showed negative space (negative space being the area around the object).

I was not present during class when we were working on these, and so rather than stools or animal figures, I chose to draw a chair at home for my second drawing. The first drawing is of a hand, which I chose to pose in a way that was almost in the position one makes when they are flicking. For both of these, I drew the outline of the object using pencil, and once I was satisfied with that I went on to color in around the outline, so as to clearly show the negative space.

I decided to draw my hand in that position because I thought that it would look interesting. The shape was a tad difficult to get correct, but I tried my best to do this and also keep the lines as solid as possible. I did not color this in obviously, but I did incorporate a bit of value in the negative space around the hand in chair in trying to make it taper off so as to achieve a more visually appealing final product. As for the chair, it was conveniently located and it, as well, had some interesting shapes to it. With this one too I attempted to use value and shading, although I didn't really succeed. Both of these drawings have emphasis in common, however, because they are the only things on the page and as such the eye will likely be immediately drawn to them.