Community Painting

MARCH 30, 2016

In this project, we were to take a satellite view of an area within the RSU5 that was important to us. Then we were to outline the important boundaries and fill it in with colors, though we were limited to a certain palette of colors.

To begin with, I painted the wooden square—which would end up being the final piece—yellow, so as to give me a starting point that wasn't pure white. Then, using Google maps, I found a view of my house that I thought had a good composition, and I took a screenshot of it. This was then printed out, and following this, I sketched it out on a square piece of paper, to get an idea as to what the composition would look like when drawn. Upon finishing this, I transferred these lines onto the piece of wood, so that I new which sections to paint which color. Before I could actually start painting, however, I had to choose which colors I would be using—we were given about 50 colors that we could choose to use, each having which colors to mix in order to get that specific one, and I went through and chose some colors that I thought went well together. I wrote these down on the paper—in the section that I wanted to be that color—as reference. Finally, I began to paint. I left some yellow on my painting because I wanted it to have some contrast, and once I had decided I was done painting, I went over the dried sections with some oil-based Sharpies.

I actually like how this came out. At the beginning, I was regretting my color choice a bit, because I though that too many colors would make the image confusing and just not appealing. However, once I went through and added that circle design to it, these circles became. sort of unifying factor, tying it all together and making it look less chaotic. I chose to leave the large purple spot mostly unadorned simply because I like this sort of contrast (the spaces with designs vs. the flat colors), and I think that this too was a good decision on my part, since too many designs can make something jumbled. In this piece, I also tried to create a mix of organic shapes and geometric ones, which I think I did fairly well. Also something that I tried to make use of in this project is space, since I have issues with that sometimes. Overall, I think that I have completed this task fairly well, and I am proud of the outcome of this project.