Independent Project #1


OCT. 3, 2017 — acrylic on wooden squares

In this project, since it was independent, we got to pick for ourselves what we did, what materials we used, etc.

Anna and I decided to work together for this project. We planned out something that was kind of like an exquisite corpse, drawing inspiration for it from smaller exquisite corpses that we had done previously. We figured it would be cool for each of the sections of the body (head, torso, feet) to be on separate wooden squares, which we could then connect to form the whole body, and we planned to have three monsters. After drawing out the monsters on the squares, we came up with a color scheme, decided who would use which colors for what section, mixed a lot of paint, and got to work. One of the monsters we painted blue with a pink background; one we painted yellow / green with a blue background; and one we painted red / orange with a green background. We each painted the sections that we had come up with, although we split the work on the one that we had both contributed to drawing. After I had painted the base colors on mine, I went back in with other tones of paint and added some details / textures to it to make it look better.

I think that we did a good job on this project. It was difficult to find the time that we needed to work together and physically be there next to each other, since we had quite a few storm days, but we managed. I also think that the fact that we had a set color scheme helped to unify our pieces—we painted them in separate from one another, and we both have different types of art styles, but the fact that many of the colors are the same helps with making it look like one piece. I actually like the fact that we have different styles, though, because it helps to bring variety to the overall project. The only issue that I had with it was the fact that a lot of layers were needed to maintain an even paint layer, but I guess that that was unavoidable given the fact that some acrylic paint is just runny and that's that. Overall, though, this project was fun and I'm glad that I got the chance to work with someone.