Creative Color Observational Animal

Night Out on the Town

SEP. 27, 2017 — acrylic, watercolor, pen and oil pastel

In this project, the objective was to draw an animal from observation, and then use creative color to extend the piece.

I started off by drawing the outline of my stork with pencil. I knew that I wanted to try a style that I hadn't really used before, and so I decided to refrain from outlining the bird with fine point pen like I usually do. Instead, I went right in with oil pastels, deciding to use bright colors for a majority of the bird. In order to provide some contrast, I used a bit of black for the front of the bird, and purples for the shadowed areas. To add some texture to the bird, I used a pencil to carve out some feathers, and then I added some contrasting dots of paint to the neck and legs. After that, I used some oil pastel for the grass and lily pads, but most of the background was done with acrylic paints. Finally, I went back in with some white gel pen and added some smaller details.

I actually kind of like how this turned out. I like that I was able to create something that wasn't my usual style, and that I was able to use some bright (obnoxious, even) colors. Using oil pastels was fun because it's not a media that I tend to work with. The one spot on my bird that I really like is the neck—not to toot my own horn, but I love the contrast between the blue spots and the orange pastel, as well as the way I managed to fit the texture of the feathers in. I also think that I made good use of space, and like that I thought to have the beak be coming off the side. Overall, this project was pretty fun, and I'm pleased with the outcome.