OCTOBER 30, 2015

In these assignments, we were to use perspective correctly to make sure that our drawings were as realistically proportioned as possible.

In the first one that we did (on the right), we only had to draw 10 shapes of our choice, only having to make sure that we were using perspective correctly. After deciding upon a vanishing point, I used a ruler to make sure that my lines were straight and that everything was lined up correctly. In the next thing we did (top left) we had to take things a step further and create an entire room using correct perspective. For this one there was a list of the necessary components (an open door, two chairs, etc.), but other than that it was entirely up to us. For the outlines I used regular pencil (lightly at first, and then I went over it darker) and some of the areas I filled in with color where I felt it would be appropriate. Finally, the last piece (bottom left) was a quiz of sorts in which we had to examine the hallway and draw it as we saw it. This was a bit more difficult, especially since we only had that one period to do this, but I managed, for the most part. Again, I used pencil for the outlines, and then later went in with a colored pencil and added some color.

The 10 shapes was the easiest of these. It only required about 20 minutes of my time, and the shapes we used were entirely up to us. The room was not that difficult either, once I got the hang of it. I chose to draw the room like this because I felt as though it told a story--the door was open, a forest could be seen outside the windows, and the desk has quite a few odds and ends on it. This room seems more lived in, as opposed to if I had drawn and room without any of the miscellaneous items in it. I added the color because again, I felt that it provided a certain contrast, although perhaps I could have used more color than I did, in order to create a more balanced piece. I was pleased with the lines in this piece, though, because most of them are dark and straight, and the perspective seems right for the most part. I enjoyed working on this, even though it took me quite a while to draw everything in. Finally, the last piece--the hallway--was probably the one of these that I had the least fun with. It is not because it was a quiz, per se, but more because I am bad at drawing things as I see them, I have trouble with proportion, and also because we were only provided with this one period. In the end, though, I think things turned out alright. The lines are typically dark and straight, and there are no glaring errors in my perspective. The red that I added in was meant to make it pop more, though it didn't really succeed in doing so, which is fine. Overall, however, I am glad that I correctly learned how to use perspective, and that now I may apply this to other projects in the future.