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Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)®
Email: info[at]

548 Rundleridge Drive NE, 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y 2K7

In order to prevent errors and omissions, email is the preferred choice of communication. 


NOTE: All inquiries will be responded by a PEMI® Certified industry member in your country of origin; as determined by research on the following basis:
  • your IP Address
  • contemporaneous search of your domicile based upon internet search of your email address
Anonymous or untraceable email address inquiries will not be responded to.

All unsolicited, non-business, non-specific correspondence will be responded to on a "best efforts" basis. This includes unsolicited emails from individuals who email us on behalf of companies that are regulated by any other regulatory body, ie: securities commission. 


"Know Your Inquiry"TM

LEVEL 1 PRE-ASSESSMENT - Response to Public Inquiry

1.1 - who is making the inquiry?
1.1.1 - are they a licensed member of the mortgage industry, interested in professional certification or becoming a private lender? - is the company they are licensed with in good standing; are there any active or historical investigations, hearings, sanctions? - what does a public internet information search indicate about the company?
1.1.2 - are they a member of the general public, looking to become a private lender? - what does a public internet information search indicate about the person making the inquiry?

You will receive a customized response based upon our Pre-Assessment.

LEVEL 2 - Commences after LEVEL 1 is complete and successful.