Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Private Electronic Money (PEM®) Institute (PEMI®)

Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI®

The voice and academic/professional standards setting body for the global private equity mortgage (PEM®) industry group and home to the commercialized industry class known as:

Free Trading Private Equity

Marketed commercially and globally by the source identifier trademark: FTPE™.

Mortgage is More than Real Estate™

Do not get the wrong impression; a mortgage applies to ANY thing of value; not merely real estate. You can mortgage houses; and you can also mortgage boats, cars, investments, cash, stocks, bonds, jewels, gold (natural resources), contracts, ANYTHING.

Private electronic money (PEM®) is also known as digital finance

Private electronic money is also known as digital finance, cryptofinance, peer-to-peer (p2p) finance; secret finance and shadow finance.

What is the private equity mortgage industry group?

  • The private equity mortgage industry group consists of individuals and organizations that trade in what is classified as digital (private electronic money PEM®) and non-digital, non-bank, non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated or regulatory exempt, free trading securities and related financial instruments; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow securities and related financial instruments, (because of how they are packaged, transmitted and classified) secured by real estate.
  • First-Party Market: Capital seekers (Applicants and Borrowers; Individuals, Organizations and Corporations) and Capital deployers (Investors and Lenders) who trade (on a first-party basis) in private equity mortgage instruments are typically - but not always - private individuals or organizations classified as: non-bank, non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated or regulatory exempt and free trading entities; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow entities.
  • Third-Party (Intermediary) Market: Brokers and Traders (middle-persons) are classified as credit intermediaries and depending on the jurisdiction, may be either regulated or non-regulated by government or government appointed industry.

What does the Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI® do?

PEMI® is the voice of the private equity mortgage industry group, globally; and sets the global standards for quality and conformity to assure private equity mortgage (PEM®) transactions are better, safer and more efficient; for the benefit of consumers, legislators, policy makers, regulators, industry, professional liability risk insurers and the general public in 119 countries, through a tripartite approach:

    1. Assessment and Designation of Professionals
    2. Professional and Consumer Education
    3. Risk Reduction through National, International Standards-Class (NISC™) Risk Management Systems, Technology, Services & Products

C-PEM®-P Designation

The Chartered Private Equity Mortgage Professional (C-PEM®-P) designation is the hallmark of professional practitioner in the private equity mortgage industry and adheres to a fiduciary standard of conduct and care for both discretionary and nondiscretionary investing/investments when dealing with PEM®-classified, retail investor-lenders.

C-PEM®-P's are real estate finance professionals governed by the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)®.

Annual reviews and 3rd-party business audits ensure members maintain professional rigor year after year.

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Professional & Consumer Education

PEMI® has designed education programs and training curriculum that ensure members (Investors, Brokers, Agents) who trade in private equity mortgages, have the necessary competency skills to succeed.

Members of the general public who seek to learn about the exciting and lucrative private equity mortgage industry may also register into courses of instruction.

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Risk Reduction through National, International Standards-Class (NISC™) Risk Management: Standards, Audit & Certified BlockChain Quality Management Systems (CBQMS™)

A ground breaking approach to delivery of professional services, methods and products.

Achieved through a seminal "principles of 'BlockChain'"-based operating system, PEMI®-designated organizations function in the world's first and most trusted global "crypto', peer-to-peer" financial system of its kind; assuring risk reduction through a of conformity to statutory, regulatory, process and customer requirements.

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Risk Reduction Program through Higher, Internationally Recognized (National and International) Quality Management System Standards for Private Equity Mortgage Trade through Environment and Professionals

All PEMI® Professionals work in an operating environment that is registered to National Standards-Class and International Standards-Class Quality Management System Standards Operating Environment

    • C-PEM®-P designated brokers and companies operate in systems that have both certified quality management systems and Sarbanes-Oxley level of internal controls, built on seminal "BlockChain" principles, developed by founding member of PEMI®: MortgageQuote Canada Corp. ( All C-PEM®-designated brokers must have errors and insurance policies designed for brokers whose trade in private equity mortgages; and must have business volume of real estate secured private equity finance transactions is greater than 55% of total business. (the Environment) Learn more
  • Professionals who work in an operating environment that is registered to National Standards-Class and International Standards-Class Quality Management System Standards, are classified as "National Standards-Class and International Standards-Class" Professionals; also known as NISC™-designated Professionals. (the Professionals) Learn more

Professional Liability Risk Reduction through Management (Prevention, Detection, Mitigation) of National Standards-Class and International Standards-Class Professionals who are empowered to function in a Business Ecosystem Like No Other: A BlockChain-based, Certified Quality Management System

    • PEMI® Errors and Omissions Insurers appreciate the PEMI® process because PEMI®-Chartered Professionals are trained to function in a business ecosystem that is Certified for Quality Management to the following standards, developed, published, adopted or audited by the organizations noted below.

Risk Management through a Focus on Standards-based Commerce and Higher Order Quality Management Systems

Focus on Certified Quality Management:

QualitySafeTM "BlockChain"-based ecosystem: PEMX® is the only global network of online market exchanges built on the internationally recognized principles of the ISO 9000 family of quality management standards', namely ISO 9001:2015; developed and published by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization; based in Geneva, Switzerland. The trusted Quality Management System National Standard for 119 countries. Learn More

International Standards Developer:

National Standards Bodies (non-exhaustive list):

All Systems Auditors are Accredited by or Members of:

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Benefits to the Market

PEMI®-Certification is the hallmark of a professional. In a lucrative market sector which has little direct oversight and may be subject to elements of predation, the general public, business and government recognize a C-PEM®-P designated individual as a person who is prima facie competent, accountable, ethical, transparent and therefore, worthy of trust.

Register of Chartered Private Equity Mortgage Professionals (C-PEM®-P).