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    • Change the quality of your lifestyle; change the quality of your mortgage!

Part of the MQCC Life Choices™: GROW®, LIFESTYLE & MORTGAGE, HEALTHWEALTH™ program (


Change your lifestyle, change your mortgage -- for the better!

All homeowners are guaranteed of 3 things: death, taxes and mortgage payments.

98.7% of all mortgage borrowers want a prepayment option in their mortgage.

98.2% of all mortgage borrowers never have the money to make a prepayment on their mortgage.

90% of mortgage borrowers have mortgages for over 25 years.

If you want to change your mortgage and have the freedom to change, then you are going to have to change your self.

This website is designed for people who have mortgages and want to change their lifestyle, so that they learn the skills to pay off their mortgages sooner.

This can be done from techniques such as:

- new business opportunities

- mindset change

- personal development

- new skills learning

Bottom line: Change your self, change your mortgage -- for the better!

You cannot expect to live the next 25 years paying your mortgage down payment by payment without changing your ways. Break free of the banker's prison sentence. You have 25 to life with a banker -- cut it down or cut it out.


Choices in a Borrower's Life: Helping Canadians Tackle the Difficulty of Turning Dreams into Reality, since 2006.

Since even before MQCC™ trademark brand name was created and MortgageQuote Canada Corp. was incorporated in 2006, the founding principles based in our Mission, Vision and Values ( is about growth, both personally and professionally, not only for MortgageQuote but also for its stakeholders: including customers, employees and related third-parties.

Most everyone has the same financial dream: you want to live a life, "debt-free". Once you borrow money for a mortgage, the goal is to repay as soon as possible. Due to life events, sometimes it is difficult for a person to repay their mortgage as early as they had hoped.

And this is the real issue with life: NOT EVERYONE ACHIEVES their financial dream. Interestingly, at MortgageQuote, we have watched some of our customers achieve their goals and in watching these successful customers, we came to understand a "success philosophy" that we call GROW®.

The Philosophy of GROW®

Ask any accomplished person: athlete, captain of industry, academic, grandparent; they will ALL say: You learn every day.

At MQCC™ MortgageQuote Canada Corp., we asked ourselves, why merely learn every day? Why not GROW® every day. Learn in a manner that not only improves you intellectually but also personally and financially; using a manageable approach, on a daily basis.

That's it! That's our Philosophy of GROW® ...pure and simple. And Life Choices™ is the Plan, designed to make the philosophy come true.

MQCC Life Choices™ : The Plan

    • Life Choices ™ is a financial growth and personal development coaching program, based upon the principles of:

    • Customized Skills Training

    • Personal Mental Improvement and Development: Lifestyle & Mortgage™

    • Personal Physical Improvement and Development: HealthWealth™

    • Managed Motivation™

    • Continuous Improvement

Performance coaching for people who have a belief that life is more than paychecks and debt payments.

Candidates seek a massive positive change to their life, emotionally, physically and financially.

Learn to achieve beyond your potential, in your life, work and mortgage. Prosper during your journey through life, don't merely endure it, paycheck to paycheck, payment to payment.

- realize your dreams

- control of your life

- learn to succeed where you choose to- have you just finished school and started your career?

- if you are middle aged or older, you lose significant muscle mass the older you get which affects your general well-being, are you doing the necessary physical activities to maintain your health?

- are you living paycheck to paycheck?

- are you trying to build a business?

- you are a MQCC PEMI® Certified, Private Equity Mortgage PEM® Investor-Lender ( and want to travel the world in to retirement and beyond, while your investments are earning you money?

- are you having problems managing your debts? - are you consuming more money than you earn?

- do you have the right mind-set to help you achieve your dreams?

Visit the Lifestyle & Mortgage website.


This program integrates medical and physical science into the Lifestyle & Mortgage™ program. Working with medical, nutritional, fitness and a host of other professionals, get to a starting point which improves areas of weakness and prepares you to transition from ordinary to extraordinary!

To be eligible to enroll in the Life Choices™ program, a participant must be an existing mortgagors (borrower) of MortgageQuote Canada Corp. MQCC. To learn more, contact your licensed mortgage broker.

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