Welcome to PEMPAC, Private Equity Mortgage Professionals Association of Canada®.
PEMPAC is the Canadian chapter of the International Private Mortgage Institute (PEMI)® members who have earned a Chartered Private Equity Mortgage Professional (C-PEM®-P) designation.

Who & Why Are We?

The Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI® (www.peminstitute.org) is the operative division of the International Private Equity Mortgage Institute (IPEMI.org, www.ipemi.org), a global professional association of real estate finance professionals including: investors, lenders, mortgage bankers, licensed brokers and licensed agents; who trade in the highly specialized field of PEMI®-Certified Private (non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated or regulatory exempt, free trading securities and related financial instruments) Equity Mortgage PEM® transactions.

Generically, such investor-lenders are referred by the term of art: "private lenders"; and generically, such transactions are referred by the term of art: "private mortgages".  Terms of Art are not defined consistently - depending on the subject matter -  so have broadly accepted meanings and applications-of-use. Due to inconsistent definitions and applications-of-use of the terms of art: "private lender" or "private mortgage", there is a high degree of confusion within the global marketplace when it comes to distinguishing a credible, non-bank, non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated, real estate debt industry participant or transaction, from one that is not.

Scientifically (on the basis of ontology), the term "private" is equivalent to "Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow". Visit www.peminstitute.org to learn about the ontology, terminology, lexicography and related matters.

Such confusion regarding terminology has lead many inexperienced mortgage consumers (borrowers) and unsophisticated mortgage investor-lenders to incur significant losses caused by errors, omissions, inexperience or negligence by individuals who claim to be professionals in the domain of non-bank, non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated, real estate debt transactions when they are not. Or, a real estate debt transaction is represented to be of a non-bank, non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated nature, when it is not.

Through the establishment of standards, criteria and trademarked terms including: Private Equity Mortgage PEM®, the Private Equity Mortgage Institute provides consumers, investors, government and related parties with distinguishing marks and source identifiers for non-bank, non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated, real estate debt transaction and  related industry professionals.

Some Members and Fellows of the Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI® hold the prestigious C-PEM®-P Chartered Private Equity Mortgage Professional.

Mission & What Does PEMPAC Do?

PEMPAC's role is to advance the International Private Mortgage Institute's (PEMI®) global mission, within Canada.

This includes, the advancement of professionalism, ethics, quality, global standards (ISO 9000/GAMUS.org), methodologies, advocacy, compliance, business & operational practices through the professional development of real estate finance commerce, worldwide.

Consumers (borrowers), investors, lenders, mortgage bankers, licensed brokers and licensed agents who participate in Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) transactions in our countries-of-interest (see below), will benefit from the Private Equity Mortgage Institute as follows:
  • Private Equity Mortgage (PEM)® Education
  • Private Equity Mortgage (PEM)® Standards
  • Industry Classes - Professional Designation
  • Compliance
  • Audit
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Borrower Advocacy
  • Research, White Papers & Policy Reports
  • Expert Witness
This list is from the PEMInstitute.org website.
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