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UniQML™: Unification of Quantum Processes Meta-Language

The higher-level, meta-programming, natural language programming language that created the world's first application of the trademark source identifier "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"-in-Commerce.

The natural language of the Bungay Unification of Quantum Processes Algorithm, the natural language of BlockChain™

The World's Safer, Better and More Efficient Natural Language Programming Language for BlockChain-based Systems.™

An initiative of The birthplace of "Concept Conformity Oriented Programming" concept system paradigm


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2001 - 2024 - Onward

The Continuing Mission of the Regulatory-Integrated, National and International Standards-class (NISC™) Commercialized UniQML™ Framework built within the CONJUNCTIVE™ trademark brand of Higher-Level Programming Paradigm (

Creating a Better, Safer and More Efficient World from:

Government to Citizen

Company to Customer

Trustee to Beneficiary

International Organization; Charity; Not-for-Profit; Beneficial Organization to Beneficiary

Seller to the Buyer

Investor to Investee

Regulator to Regulatee to General Public

Advisor to Advisee

Inventor to Designer to Manufacturer to Distributor to Retailer to Customer

Satisfy Requirements of Customers, Regulators, Vendors or other parties - at all times - in a "continuous state".

UniQML™: How CEO's achieve their goals.

Any CEO: Head of State/President/Chief, Prime or Cabinet Minister of Government; Department Head of a government Ministry, Department or Agency; Head of a Private or Public Commercial company, Not-for-Profit or Beneficial organization.

UniQML™ Standards

Information on insurable (professional liability insurable) systems, technology, services and products; for the public .

UniQML™ for Educators

How Accredited and Non-Accredited and Corporate centers of learning can educate students, professionals and interested parties.  

How UniQML™ helps the people.

How UniQML™ helps CEO Beneficiaries (Board of Directors, Shareholders, Customers) and General Public (Future Customers)


The Creators

MQCC™ Money Quality Conformity Control Organization

BII™ Bungay International Inc.

ICBC™ International Commissions on BlockChain

The UNIQML™ Universe

MQCC Bungay International: 2001:2020: Celebrating 20 years as Creator-Governor and World-Wide Leader in BlockChain Governance, Governance, Commerce (Industry- Finance), Academia; is a Leader in Matters of BlockChain at the United Nations Innovation Network (UNIN)

MQCC™ Global Federated System-Network GFSN™ and Global BlockChain Systems-Network BCSNET™

Built First (2001-2005) - Proven to 118+ Governments Be Trusted (2008) - Built on a Scientific Method designed to Reshape how Humans Trust and Rely Upon One Another, Forever (2001:2020+)

The Global, BlockChain Systems-Network (BCSNET™) built from the ground-up through 'correct and proper' application of the seminal, trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'™"; in order to create and maintain consensus-standards-based:

United Nations UN

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  OECD™

World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO™

World Trade Organization WTO™

Read about MQCC™ and relationship with UN, OECD™, WIPO™ and WTO™