NonMortgage® Private Equity Real Estate Ownership & Capital Solutions

A nonmortgage® is your "non-conventional real estate ownership and real estate non-debt capital solution.TM"

WHO & WHAT: You want to purchase, acquire or own real estate or want to get cash out of the equity in your existing commercial building, investment property, residential home; or stop a foreclosure action against your corporate assets or personal home and you don't want to sell your real estate unless you absolutely have to. You look around and no lenders or mortgage brokers can help you get money. 


What is a METAVERSE™ NONMORTGAGE®? Built on the world famous MQCC® METAVERSE™ quality management system-network as early as April 9, 2005; the NONMORTGAGE® is a binary digit (BIT™) financial product  that allows you to:

Real estate assets when traditional (old-world) financing sources cannot help you.

In many cases (regardless of purchase or refinance) the property remains in your name, you are still the owner. And you get the cash up front. In other cases, ownership is transferred to another party with you having the right to transfer the property back into your name at pre-defined terms. A MQCC® NONMORTGAGE® is a powerful, creative, non-traditional, private real estate ownership and capital (finance alternative) solutions for any Corporation, Organization or Individual (COIN™) seeking non-institutional, non-restrictive and  flexible ways of real estate ownership.

WHY: Why was this website created? To fulfill a need in the marketplace wherein real estate owners needed non-conventional real estate ownership solutions but did not know where to find them. The world is a very creative place and banks, mortgage lenders and other types of debt financiers are not the only way to obtain capital for real estate. Many investors and financiers work in the domain of non-debt capital transactions and NONMORTGAGE®.com is where you can find them.

WHERE: We work in any location around the world as long as there is stable civil society, a rule of law and transparent laws pertaining to real estate transactions.

WHEN: Are you a qualified prospect for a nonmortgage® ? Ask yourself the following:

- You have sufficient equity or cashflow; and,

- You are declined for a mortgage from all available mortgage sources

- You have a relationship and communication dialogue with a licensed mortgage broker

- You are understanding, willing to learn and adapt 

- You are hyper-motivated to find an alternate, nonmortgage® solution to your mortgage problem

If you answered Yes to the above, this establishes that you may be a qualified prospect for a MQCC® NONMORTGAGE®  solution. The above characteristics are what highlights our qualified prospects.


Life Leases are also available

NonMortgage® Sale - Lease Back

is perfect for situations where:

You have a good downpayment amount and/or great income, but do not qualify for a mortgage.

NonMortgage® Rent to Own

is perfect for situations where:

You want to sell your house, but still live there as a tenant. We will help you.

You are in foreclosure and you want to keep your house?

You want to sell your house today on a cash-sale basis. All cash, no financing. You don't waste time or money.

You want to buy a house but only have a little money for some down-payment and need a custom, long term arrangement to permit you the right to move into the house "now" and transfer ownership into your name at a future time. We will help you so long as you have at least 15% of the purchase price in-hand.

NonMortgage® Third Party Corporate Acquisitions - Corporate Guarantor

You need a financing partner to help you acquire an asset.

NonMortgage® Third Party Corporate Restructure - Corporate Guarantor

You have one or more real estate assets with substantial equity. The asset ownership is restructured into a third part; a newly created or modified existing corporate entity.

Once your assets are restructured into the corporate entity, the corporation seeks, interviews, evaluates then appoints an officer and director with sufficient net worth to manage the corporation and provide collateral guarantees to prospective lenders for a restructured debt instrument, secured by the corporation's assets.

All shareholders have a unanimous shareholder agreement which establishes the terms of the corporate relationship and manages for foreseeable events, such as demise or incapacitation. A management agreement is established with the officer and director in order to control how the assets are managed, pursuant to directives of the shareholders.

NonMortgage® Option Agreement

is perfect for situations where:

You want to get cash out of the equity in your home. No lenders or mortgage brokers can help you get money. You don't want to sell your home unless you absolutely have to. The property remains in your name, you are still the owner. And you get the cash up front. You will need to visit our non-arm's length company: to learn more (scroll down to understand the importance of the non-arm's length company). - Non-Arm's Length Company Notice:

NonMortgage® Solutions are marketed, managed and administered by a non-arm's length company named Options Equities, a division of Bungay International Inc., based in Calgary, Canada. Visit to learn more. Some officers or directors of  MortgageQuote Canada Corp. are also officers or directors of Options Equities, a division of Bungay International Inc.

Whether it is a Sale - Lease Back, Rent to Own, Corporate Restructure or Option Agreement situation, our network of investors and 3rd party servicing companies have been helping hundreds of clients, just like you, for many years.