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PEMI® Certification and Charters

Why? For any person who trades in private equity mortgages, designation certification by the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)® is the hallmark of a professional practioner. In a lucrative market sector (private equity mortgage) PEM® which has little direct regulator oversight and may be subject to elements of predation, the general public, business and government recognize a PEMI®-Certified individual or organization to be prima facie competent, accountable, ethical, transparent and therefore, worthy of trust.

An individual or organization's "Scope of PEMI®-Certification" may include one or multiple classes. Learn more

See PEMI® Code of Ethics

PEMI® programs are competency-based programs that provide additional training post-licensure for government licensed credit intermediaries; or individuals who and organizations who are licensure-exempt.

Certification enables members of the general public, business and government, to identify certifiably trained participants in the private equity mortgage profession.

Stakeholders immediately recognize that the credentialed member has acquired their skills in a high quality, educational environment.

Knowledge is tested for comprehension and understanding.


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