Falls Church Women's History 

The story of Falls Church is best told through the lives of some of its most daring, accomplished, and consequential residents—the women of Falls Church. 

Since its founding in 1699, Falls Church has been shaped by the women who saw a need and found a way to make their community better. 

The Falls Church Women’s History Walk honors these pioneers, abolitionists, educators, entrepreneurs, politicians, historians, artists, and activists. Their civic engagement and dedication have helped establish Falls Church as a vibrant, responsive and well-loved community.

Partner Organizations

Friends of the Women's History Walk

Founded in 2017 by Nikki Graves Henderson of the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation

Marybeth Connelly

Carol DeLong

Sally Ekfelt

Beth Hahn

Nikki Graves Henderson

Julie Krachman

Nancy Brandon

Marty Meserve

Sally Phillips

Ellen Salsbury

Sharon Schoeller

Jane Scully

Edie Snyder

Melissa Teates

Terry Zawacki