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Thanks for visiting CBC on the web. Chances are you're here to find out more about us.

The CBC was founded fifty-two years ago by some forward-thinking folks who put the interests of the City 

above partisan politics.

We were founded in order to establish a first-class school system in our newly independent City

and to identify quality candidates for City Council and School Board and help them seek election. 

Today we are no longer in the campaign business, choosing instead to focus on community issues,

supporting quality schools & city services and maintaining our independence as the Little City.

After fifty-two years, these are some of the reasons we still exist. Please join us at our next meeting, listed below.

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CBC's Youth Representative Initiative

Many of the City's Boards, Commissions, and Civic Groups have vacancies, and providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for youth is also a challenge.  Through CBC's Youth Reps Initiative, citizen groups can host up to 2 students as non-voting Youth Representatives.

"When the idea was first developed in 2014, the CBC’s executive committee determined that the five goals of the program would be to create opportunities for youth to learn about local government and civics in a hands-on way, to give students opportunities to volunteer in meaningful ways, to enhance students’ college applications, to engage more parents and neighbors in community issues and to demonstrate the City’s commitment to youth by giving them a real voice in decisions." -excerpt from Falls Church News Press article, link provided below

23 Youth Reps Appointed to City Boards and Commissions by Falls Church City Council

Link to Youth Reps Website: Click here.

CBC By-Laws & Principles - REVISED

CBC History - Updated 

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Next meeting: August 2016, 7:30pm.
Location, TBD.

If you haven't paid your Membership Dues for 2016/2017, please print the membership form below and mail the form and your payment to our NEW Post Office Box - PO BOX 632, Falls Church, VA 22040. Thank you!




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