Available Basset Puppies

Daisy and Charley have a litter of 9 puppies born on 12-22-20. There are 5 females and 4 males. Three boys are mahogany and white, one is tri-colored. Three of the females are tri-colored and two are mahogany and white. They will be 8 weeks old on February 16. We also have Charlotte's litter of six that were born on January 11. Her puppies are pictured below the list of names. Keep in mind that Charlotte's puppies are 3 and a half weeks old in these pictures. They will be 8 weeks on March 8. Our basset puppies are $600 for either gender including sales tax.



Daisy's Male One

Gone Home with Megan N.

Daisy's Male Two

Gone Home with Chris S.

Daisy's Male Three

Gone home with Carol M.

Daisy's Male Four

Reserved for Andrew and Dan

Paid in Full

These people below are the next in line for these puppies. There are too many names on our waiting list to show everyone here.

  1. Liesel D. - Daisy's Female D (Milly) Gone Home

  2. Shad W. - Daisy's Female C (Gigi) - Gone Home

  3. Carol M. - Daisy's Male Three (Sparky) Gone Home

  4. Deb S. -Daisy's Female B -Gone Home

  5. Nathan L. - Daisy's Female E (Sadie) - Gone Home

  6. Mike M. - Daisy's Female A (Beulah)Gone Home

  7. Mandy Mack - Charlotte's Female CB (Edie) Deposit Paid

  8. Shannon L. - Charlotte's Female CD Paid in Full

  9. Brady P. - Charlotte's Female CC - Deposit Paid

  10. Megan N. - Daisy's Male One - Gone Home

  11. Tom & Kathy M. - Charlotte's Female CE - Paid in Full

  12. Melissa R. - Charlotte's Male C One (Chunk) Deposit Paid

  13. Chris S. - Daisy's Male Two Gone Home

  14. Seth A. - Charlotte's Female CA Deposit Paid

  15. Andrew L. - Daisy's Male Four (Hank) Paid in Full

Daisy's Female A

Gone Home with Mike M.

Daisy's Female B

Gone Home with Deb S.

Daisy's Female C

Gone Home with Shad W.

Daisy's Female D

Gone Home with Liesel D.

Daisy's Female E

Gone Home with Nathan L.

Charlotte's Female CA

Reserved for Seth A.

Deposit Paid

Charlotte's FEMALE CB


Deposit Paid

Charlotte's Female CC

Reserved for Brady P.

Deposit Paid

Charlotte's Female CD

Reserved for Shannon L.

Paid in Full

Charlotte's FEMALE CE

Reserved for Tom and Kathy M.

Paid in Full

Charlotte's Male C1

Reserved for Melissa R.

Deposit Paid