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Are you ...?

  • Are you a group leader looking for paddling destinations in Italy?

  • Are you an outdoor travel agent wishing to offer paddling tours in Italy?

  • Are you a canoe or sup manufacturer looking for destinations in Italy for your customers?

  • Do you own a resort centre near the water in Italy (sea, lake, river) and wish to offer to your guests canoes, sups or guides?

  • Are you a movie scenographer or a production manager and need assistance for water related scenes in Italy?

  • Would you like to discover Italy through the new amazing sport of stand up paddling?

  • Are you anyway interested in coming to Italy for paddling and wish guiding or rental?

We are the most powerful paddling network in Italy, ready to serve you with canoe rental, guides, tour organization, experienced support, equipment, specific means of transportation!

What we do

  • Paddling

Whether you wish to paddle on a river with an easy sitontop, in white waters with a raft, in the sea exploring the beauty of the coast on a stand up paddle board, or wherever else, we can take you.

  • Cycling

From the easy paved countryroads to mountain tracks, paying attention along the way to places, culture, the surrounding beauty, and - why not? - food!

  • Trekking

There are so many beautiful places for trekking in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, and in other Regions in Central-Italy. We like to take families and kids to discover the beauty of our natural treasures.

  • Swimming in open water

Easy to talk about but not very easy to organise if you do not know where it is safe, clean, calm, and beautiful. We know the best places, and we can assist swimmers with paddlers.

  • Touring and group leading

We all have many years of experience in group leading, with participants from different countries. We can speak English, French, German, Spanish … and in any case Italians are very well known for their sign language! ;-)

  • Camping

We all love free camping which is generally not allowed in Italy; but night bivouac, with due care and attention, is normally safe and tolerated.

  • Waterways guiding

We have accompanied scenographers, water inspectors, journalists, priests, handicapped people, blind people, kids, … all safely and everyone was enthusiastic about the experience!

  • Paddling instruction

We can organise courses for almost every paddling sport.

  • Film location and troupe support

We are on rivers, lakes and the sea all over Italy all year round. Just tell us what you are searching for and we'll definitely find a good location and take your troupe on the canoe or on the raft with us.


We have so many different kinds of boats that almost every request can be matched from our network.