Bullying Borrelia

Bullying Borrelia Article

Johns Hopkins' Dr. Paul Auwaerter, also the editor of the 2006 IDSA Lyme disease guidelines, says a lot of uncomplimentary things in his article- one being that the Virginia Governor's Task Force on Lyme Disease was "hostile" and not "conducting itself in an impartial manner".

"I testified in front of the Virginia Governor's Lyme disease task force, and it seemed to me that the majority of the group was chronic Lyme disease proponents. The panel was, at times, hostile, and did not appear to me to be conducting itself in an impartial manner. So, I think the politics of this [chronic Lyme disease] will continue until there is an alternative, catchier explanation."

He also finds faults with Lyme advocacy groups, websites and blogs, and doctors treating Lyme patients.

"Despite the disconnect between valid scientific data and the content of these internet writings, Lyme advocacy groups have flourished, including in states that do not have endemic B. burgdorferi infection such as Colorado (18). The appeal of these groups may lie in the information presented in Lyme blogs or on advocacy web sites espousing views that Lyme disease is difficult both to diagnose and to treat, and that mainstream medical opinions are biased due to undocumented conflicted interests or corrupt practices. Such conspiracy views appear to channel practices that have long been used by some movements in American politics, such as McCarthyism, trading on frustration and anger, plying fear of the unknown and paranoia to exploit their point of view (19)."

Article here... https://sites.google.com/site/marylandlyme/johns-hopkins/bullying-borrelia

Seems he continues spending time trying to find ways to kick patients and their doctors down rather than contributing to their health, knowledge and well-being. NOT a good example of a doctor, or how a doctor should behave. Shame on Hopkins for allowing him to represent their University and Medical Center in this way. Disgraceful indeed.