Lyme Misdiagnosed As

Lyme Misdiagnosed As...

"It is now realized that the disease can mimic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Bell’s Palsy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, neuritis, psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, heart failure, angina, irregular heart rhythms, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma and lupus, eye inflammatory reactions, sudden deafness, SIDS, ADD and hyperactivity, chronic pain and many other conditions." Source-


List of Lyme Misdiagnoses

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Please see links below for some of the specific conditions.

PLEASE NOTE- The controversy over Lyme disease continues to severely disadvantage and mislead those living with other named or unnamed medical conditions who may actually have improperly diagnosed and/or under-treated Lyme and tick borne coinfections.

Lyme tests miss up to 75% of people with Lyme disease. Some doctors believe the number of people missed is at least 90%.

A one month trial of antibiotics is not sufficient to cure people with chronic Lyme disease.

Tests for tick borne disease coinfections were not performed on patients prior to most Lyme studies, altering outcomes.

Certain University based doctors/academia are driven by funding and must cling tight to the long disproved theory that 'Lyme disease is easy to diagnose and easy to cure'.

Funding for Lyme and tick borne disease research has been extremely poor and when available it typically goes to a handful of researchers who use it to support their own washed-out theories, rather than towards new developments or a cure.

Some who have been receiving the majority of the research funding are part of a tight-knit group that has little to no experience with successfully treating actual patients.

Some in the "tight-knit group" have been shown (by the Attorney General in a legal case) to have financial interests in the outcome of Lyme disease guidelines.

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