Reported Cases

The CDC states for every case of Lyme disease reported

At least ten are missed!

In 2008 the CDC surveillance criteria used to determine if a case of Lyme disease was reportable (and other tick borne diseases) was made more restrictive, giving the false impression in some areas that there are now less cases of Lyme disease than in previous years.

Top 10 List (2010) for Lyme Disease Reported Cases Nationwide

Pennsylvania- 3,805

New Jersey- 3,712

Wisconsin- 3,488

New York- 3,425

Massachusetts- 3,263

Connecticut- 3,068

Minnesota- 1,960

Maryland- 1,617

New Hampshire- 1,339

Virginia- 1,245

Virginia Statistics

Special Note

The maps below are much more reflective of the true situation and

more informative than the CDC map of human Lyme cases.

Reported Dog Cases of Lyme Disease

USA & Canada (by State and County)


A helpful chart and article on reported cases

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