Veto Information

Veto Threat

The Medical Society of Virginia wants its members to try to veto the final version of the bill by contacting the Governor. See the green highlighted paragraph below.

Medical Society of Virginia

Legislative Update & E-News 02.22.13

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Message From NatCap Lyme About Veto

Governor McDonnell needs to hear from you ASAP

Having lost its attempt to defeat the Lyme Patient's Information Bill in the House & Senate.

The Medical Society of Virginia is marshaling its doctors to seek a VETO!

Here's their message to their members:

Here's what it says:

On Tuesday of this week, in a 56-40 vote that defied party and regional lines, the House of Delegates agreed to the Senate’s version of the Lyme disease testing notification bill. As a result, both chambers agreed that physicians should be mandated to provide a specific written notice to patients tested for Lyme disease. The bill now heads to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk for his consideration. MSV will urge Gov. McDonnell to veto the bill. Look for a grassroots action alert in the coming days to weigh-in with Gov. McDonnell.

We have all fought too hard and too long to let this happen.


or ANY amendment

Governor McDonnell needs to hear from YOU!!

At the end of the provided message in the Action Center:

Add YOUR story and why you think he needs to sign HB1933.

Again, we have made it as easy as possible for you to send your message to the Governor << [NOT A RECOMMENDED WAY TO COMMUNICATE (PRIVACY ISSUES)- SEND YOUR OWN EMAIL & MESSAGE IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT THE GOVERNOR]>>


After sending your message you will be given an opportunity to invite others to send their message to Governor McDonnell. So, get ready with an e-mail list of friends and family.