Handout Literature

VirginiaLyme.org has a selection of free printable handout 
material available on PDF files at the bottom of this page. 

Most of the links listed directly below take you to organizations that provide free 
or low cost Lyme disease literature.  Some organizations allow you to print your 
own brochures/booklets from their on-line files.  There may be a small fee for 
shipping or to cover printing costs when you place orders with some of the 

Please order brochures as far in advance as possible to 
assure delivery in time for your event!

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Organizations Offering Lyme Disease Literature

Lyme Disease Association (LDA)- Order Brochures Here

Lyme Disease Association- Printable Material- Link Here

Lyme Disease Association of SE PA- Basic Books (Print or Order)- Click Here

LymeDisease.org (formerly CALDA)- Click Here

LymeInfo Medical Literature Files- Click Here

Get it Right, Treat The Bite!- Click Here

Lyme Times Archived Issues- Click Here

Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation- Click Here

Under Our Skin- Click Here

Lyme Families (print and share)- Click Here

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If you are searching for Lyme disease awareness products 
to purchase, this list may be helpful.  
Please click here.

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PDF Files Below
Tick borne disease information to 
Print and share with others.
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