Are You A Senior Citizen Yet?

Are You A Senior Citizen Yet?

Come on now, admit it. You ARE! That's GREAT! Below are additional sources for assistance that can be enjoyed by people with or without Lyme disease. Some Centers offer a nice variety of educational programs (even music events), meals, assistance with taxes, nature programs and many other services.

The list below explains some of the services Centers have to offer. The Caregivers Site linked below has a US Map so you can click on your state for more helpful information. Don't be shy, be proud! Your tax dollars went in part to be there for you when you need them.

Check it out. You might even have some fun!


State Listing of Senior Services and Resources

Each State in the USA has created programs for seniors and passed laws to protect the rights of seniors.

Click on your state to learn about senior services and find contacts or click on the topic below.

Caregivers Site