Semifinalists Letter

Sent to Semifinalists on June 2, 2o15 at about four o'clock in the evening. Still waiting on confirmation for one entry to be sure it was drawn on the Draw Island website before judges make their final decision.


Your entry was selected by a panel of judges to be in the semi final category for the

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Prevention Awareness Contest.

From this category five winners will be selected. In the event your entry is one of the top five chosen I would like to use your city and State along with your screen name on the winners webpage. If that is acceptable to you, please send me you or your groups name and full mailing address which will ONLY be used by me to mail any prizes you may be eligible for once the judges have completed the process.

If you prefer not to have your city and state listed on the winners webpage with your screen name, please let me know when you respond. That is perfectly ok.

To continue promoting Lyme Awareness and show off the winning entries, I would like to share a press release with the winners local newspapers, and possibly some other newspapers, using the winners name or your group`s name, and city and state in it, along with a copy of your winning entry.

If that is acceptable, please send me the name of your local newspaper and its email contact information. If not, do not share that information with me.

Congratulations again for being selected as a semi finalist in the contest! Good luck in the final round!