Winners! Lyme Awareness Contest 2o15


Thank you to all for your entries and for helping to raise Lyme Disease Awareness! I very much enjoyed all of the pictures and comments received during the month of May 2015. The winning entries will be shared in a press release to help spread the word even further. Congratulations to the winners!

The May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Prevention Contest

Was made possible in part by an educational grant from the national

Lyme Disease Association.

*Grand Prize*

$100.00 Cash

2nd Place- $50.00 gift certificate

3rd Place- $25.00 gift certificate

4th Place- $20.00 gift certificate

5th Place- $15.00 gift certificate

And the winners are....

*Grand Prize*

Entry #51 Amanda Evans


2nd Place Winner!

Entry #34 Heirloom Maters


3rd Place Winner!

Entry #241 lymeinaid 1

Asheville, NC

4th Place Winner!

Entry #88 Howard County Lyme Awareness

Columbia, Maryland

5th Place Winner!

Entry #27 Phyllis Mervine


Honorable Mention

Entry #2o3

New York

Thank you to David Skidmore

For sharing one of his wonderful

Lyme Cartoons to make us all

Smile and help raise awareness!

Our thanks to the Lyme Disease Association for their contribution to the

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Prevention Contest.

Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

PO Box 1438

Jackson, NJ 08527


732 938-7215 fax