Bill Summary

Summary HR 1179

"Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases Prevention, Education & Research Act of 2009"


  • Sponsor: Christopher Smith (NJ)
  • Original co-sponsors: Tim Holden (PA), Bart Stupak (MI), Frank Wolf (VA)


  • Establish Advisory Committee
    • Purpose
      • Communication among government agencies & constituency groups (including patient groups) that deal with Lyme disease policies
      • Advise agencies on priorities concerning tick-borne diseases
      • Minimize overlap of activities
      • Ensure broad spectrum scientific viewpoint represented in publich health policies
      • Advise Health & Human Services (HHS) concerning ongoing activities and what needs to be accomplished
    • Duties/Responsibilities
      • Committee meetings
        • shall be public
        • meet 2 times per year or more
        • keep records
      • Committee
        • submit detailed reports to HHS Secretary
      • HHS Secretary
        • shall report on meetings to Congress & include
          • committee function, members, activities in the recent year, and issues regarding functioning of committee
    • Members
      • HHS Secretary ensures committee diversity & broad viewpoints
        • Doctors, Scientists from broad spectrum of viewpoints
        • Patients, Volunteer Organizations
        • Government members - non-voting
    • Authorizes appropriations of $20 million a year for each of 5 years in addition to any other authorization of appropriations for such purposes
        • Priorities
            • Research (gold standard diagnostic tests, clinical outcomes research)
            • Examine current surveillance & reporting
            • Physician & public education
            • Prevention