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Repellents- For Use in Yards

All Natural Ingredients

Deerbusters Repellents

Repellents- For Use in Yards

For Outdoor Area Use Only

Martin's Permethrin- 10%

Permethrin SFR- 36.8%

Sevin- Spray or Granules

Repellents- For Use in Yards

Biodegradable Tubes Filled With Permethrin Treated Cotton Balls

Damminix Tick Tubes

DIY Tick Tubes- Short Video

Repellents- For Personal Protection

All Natural Ingredients

Ticks-N-All- All Natural

Repel- Lemon Eucalyptus

Bite Blocker- Herbal

Hunters and People Who Are Sensitive to Scents


CLOTHING- Sawyers Permethrin

Repellents- For Personal Protection

ONLY For Use On Clothing- NOT Skin

Sawyers Permethrin- Picaridin

Repellents- For Personal Protection

For Use On Skin

Avon Insect Repellents- Some With Sun Block

Ben's Tick & Insect Repellent- 30% DEET

Natrapel- Picaridin

OFF! Deep Woods- 25% DEET

DIY (Make Your Own)- Natural Insect Repellent

Repellents- For Personal Protection

For Use On Clothing Only

Insect Shield- They Treat Your Clothes, Good for 70 Washings

DIY Permethrin Clothes- Pretreatment Soaking Method

DIY Pretreated Clothes- Pretreatment Soaking Method- Kit

Insect Shield- Pretreated Clothing For Purchase (LL Bean)

ElimiTick- Pretreated Camouflage Clothing- Designed for Hunters

REI- Insect Shield Clothing & Other Products

Made Specifically For Children

(Children's products may need to be applied more often than repellents for adults.)

California Baby Natural Bug Blend

Tick Remover Tools

SCS- ProTick Remedy

Mosquito Netting & Products

SCS- Cot Master

Gadabout Treated Mosquito Net- Circular

Bulk Mosquito Netting

Mosquito Dunks & Bits


Dog Flea & Tick Control Products- Chart

Cat Flea & Tick Control Products- Chart

Safety First

Please read all label instructions before using any insect repellent. We still have sincere concerns about using DEET products, especially on children's skin. For that reason we list alternative products that may or may not work as well. Please do not put insect repellent on children's hands because tiny fingers have a tendency of ending up in mouths and eyes. does not endorse these products or receive any compensation of any kind for listing them. This is simply a list to help you find prevention related products.

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