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Dr. Leila Zackrison's Legal Defense Fund

TO: All Patients and Benefactors of Dr. Leila H. Zackrison

FROM: Practice Administrator

DATE: May 1, 2014


Please be advised that your help and support is hereby urgently requested to prop up the physician who is helping you overcome your illness and who treats your complex medical condition. Dr Zackrison and her medical modalities of treating Lyme disease with long term antibiotics and diagnosing it clinically has come under attack by the Virginia Medical Board.

On April 2013 The Virginia Medical Board advised Dr. Zackrison that it will hold an “informal conference” before a panel of the Board to determine whether her practices of treating Lyme disease with long term antibiotics and diagnosing it clinically violated the standard of medical care in Virginia.

The informal conference is a misnomer and it is anything than informal. Rather than conducting the conference in accordance with the procedures dictated by Virginia statutes and regulations, the Board brought in their own henchmen experts and converted the informal conference into an impermissible contested hearing.

Dr. Zackrison attorney was not allowed to cross-examine the Board’s experts and was not allowed to present his own witnesses. The outcome was preordained.

At the end for the informal conference, the Board Committee issued an Order in August 2013 finding that Dr. Zackrison has to practice medicine and treat Lyme disease solely in accordance with IDSA guidelines and the short-term antibiotic regimen professed by that group. The Board panel refused to hear any evidence on the issue of ILADS guidelines and averred that it is not within its province to do so, but rather that was reserved for a full Board hearing.

Dr. Zackrison has hired specialty attorney Jacques G. Simon to represent her with respect to these issues.

Mr. Simon represents ILADS physicians country wide and he has experience with like actions. Pursuant to the provisions of Virginia statutes, Mr. Simon requested a full Board hearing and the initial Order of the Board dated August 30, 2013 has been vacated.

A formal Board hearing is about to be scheduled for June 2014. At that hearing the issues of persistent Lyme disease, long-term antibiotic treatment and clinical diagnosis of Lyme along with other issues will be on trial.

The future of Dr. Zackrison’s ability to provide the care and treatment that benefit you all is on the line. Dr. Zackrison has established a legal defense fund to defend her ability to care for chronically ill patients. Dr. Zackrison is asking you to help financially in her battle against the Virginia Medical Board for your rights to be treated for persistent Lyme disease and chronic illnesses in this state.

You can donate by cash or check to Dr. Zackrison's client trust account described below. If writing a check or money order, please follow the directions below:

You can directly donate into the trust’s account at any United Bank in Virginia.

Account holder: Grace Extended Foundation (a Private Trust) Account #: 0065471344 Routing #: 056004445

Checks can be mailed to Grace Extended Foundation’s (a Private Trust) account at United Bank. United Bank 11185 Fairfax Blvd. Fairfax, VA 22030

The Grace Extended Foundation is not a non-profit organization, and all contributions to it are not tax-deductible.

For cash donations, please contact Ms. Phyllis Brichant at (703) 359- 9300.


Practice Administrator

[edited 7/14/14 per request]

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