SB 13 Report Cases

Senate Bill No. 13


Report Lyme cases

“The Board shall include both confirmed cases and suspected cases of Lyme disease on the list of diseases required to be reported.”

WHY submit a bill in this case?

The requirement to report ALL cases of Lyme disease (via labs and doctor's offices) is already in affect and has been for years. See info below.

Virginia Reportable Disease List

Reporting of the following diseases is required by state law (Sections 32.1-3

UU6UH and HU32.1-3UU7UH of the Code of Virginia and 12 VAC 5-90-80 and 12 VAC 5-90-90 of the Board of Health Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control - . Report all conditions when suspected or confirmed to your local health department within three days, except those listed in RED, which must be reported immediately by the most rapid means available. ...

“Lyme disease”

These conditions are reportable by directors of laboratories. In addition, these and all other conditions except mycobacterial disease (other than TB) and invasive MRSA infection are reportable by physicians and directors of medical care facilities. Reports may be by computer-generated printout, Epi-1 form, CDC surveillance form, or upon agreement with VDH, by means of secure electronic transmission.

Lyme Disease Case Reporting

Lyme Disease Case Report Form