Thomas there can be no doubt

As anyone can tell

What your life was all about

You loved your family well

Long after roof and rafters

Lie in ruins on the ground

In boundless love and energy

Your legacy remains profound

To grateful friends

And generations down the line

The house you built around you

Stands the test of time

And she who stood beside you

Who was with you all the way

With cheerfulness and courage

Was your partner every day

With gentleness and beauty

The best choice you ever made

Today her heart is heavy

And today with her we grieve

This blow not unexpected

Still we struggle to receive

Yet in the shadow of your death

For those of us who still draw breath

The silence shouts to anyone who hears

A life like yours is measured not in years

And we will not forever live in tears

Because we know the one who took you home

Has promised he will not leave us alone

But till we come together in the end

We will miss you, husband, father, Opi, friend

In loving memory of Tom Cunningham

By Vic Lortz


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