Brightening Night

It seems the night is darkening

And faithful men are few

The news is so disheartening

We don't know what to do

The questions go unanswered

Who can claim to know the truth

When wisdom has surrendered to

The foolishness of youth

Each is seeking his own way

Determined to deny

When wayward feet have gone astray

And nothing seems to satisfy

Abandoning the living stream

To seek some other selfish dream

These broken cisterns

Dug in pride

Become a form of suicide

And yet and yet

We can't forget

What's written on our soul

Inscribed by our creator

Who has never lost control

An ancient solemn promise

Made secure by holy vow

By his own hand

And by his plan

Is coming to fulfill it now

This fearful night is brightening

Though dark is all I see

I will not let it frighten me

Or tempt my heart to flee

The brightness of his rising

Will expose the dark divide

And show the great reality

That dark cannot abide

The bridegroom who like lightning

Soon will come to claim his bride

Hold fast this hope of glory

Never countenance despair

For he will never leave us

He is with us everywhere

Till together with the saints

We meet together in the air

We come with him triumphant

And forever in his care

By Vic Lortz


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