Roaring through this night

Suspended in the sky

Soaring over stars

Stitched together on the ground

Strings of glitter cast below

A dim reflection of the ones above

As all that separates and saves

Us now is wind and lift

Defiant fireflies and proud

Gathered glowing on the ground

Determined to deny the night

Its turn and due

Pursuing ways that seem so true

When shadows and denial rule

For we all know

That what may from a distance glow

And seem a beacon and a light

An angel beckoning delight

Yet still may harbor darkness more profound

Than any in the emptiness around

And so we go

As though this night will ever grow

With justice sound asleep

And those who sow will never reap

From deeds they think no one will ever know

The whirlwind that will soon begin to blow

This mighty wind

That puts the chaff to flight

With flames of fire

On newborn sons of God alight

Will lift us up together in the air

On mighty wings that keep us in his care

By Vic Lortz


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