Stand Together

Once we went together

To a place we'd never been

We were full of wonder

It was wonderful and strange

We stepped into the future

We were restless for a change

Yet day by day we choose

What we refuse to rearrange

We will stand together

When we stand the test of time

For life is like the weather

When our roots are intertwined

For worse or for the better

I will be what you will find

The answer to the questions

That are always on your mind

Who will always love you?

Who will be a faithful friend?

Who will stay beside you

When the time comes to an end?

When days grow dark and laden

With the things we never planned

Who will always want

To hold your hand?

We will stand together

As we stand the test of time

Tomorrow will be better

You are always on my mind

As we bear the fruit of loving

I am yours and you are mine

And life is like the weather

When our hearts are intertwined

By Vic Lortz


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