Do not ask me to leave you

For I will not go away

No, I'm not going anywhere

With you I want to stay

Where you go I will follow

And where you stay so will I

your God will be my God, and

Where you die I will die


With you

Is where I want to be

With you

Is just how God made me

It's true

Till my last breath

I'll be with you

This road has not been easy

We have had our taste of tears

And now you're telling me to

Leave you in the face of fear

Though all others may forsake you

I will never let you go

This is my choice

And I want you to know


Together we will travel

Till you find your way back home

I will always be beside you

You will never be alone

Were I ever to forsake you

May God strike me instantly

If anything but death parts you and me

Vic Lortz, 3/2003