Along the Trail

Once upon another time

You rode through ponderosa pine

Down weary miles of dusty trail

Companion small but not as frail

As some might so suppose

For you were made of tougher stuff

Determined you would measure up

Despite the weariness and pain

You never would complain

Your daddy gave you confidence

And daddy gave you love

He said your little frame had strength

For you that was enough

The years went by and you became

A woman and a bride

Beginning to renew anew

The pattern side by side

Then children came to fill the years

Through joys and fears you persevered

Though sometimes days were hard

You planted flowers in your yard

And watched them grow

From seeds and seedlings that

You chose to sow

You taught your children

What they ought to know

And as a mother and a wife

The fragrance of a simple life

Has beauty to behold

Today we come to celebrate

Your life and who you are

Our hearts are filled with thankfulness

The fruit of all your faithfulness

Has taken you this far

You travelled through the valley

With some help along the way

Where flowers still are growing

By the light that shines today

Your beauty a reflection

Of the image that you bear

Your Father still is saying

He could take you anywhere

Because within your slender frame

There is a warmth there is a flame

And courage to reveal the kind of stuff

That by His grace

Will always be enough

To Mom

Love, Vic (Happy Birthday :-)

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