Never Give Up

I will never give up

Never give up on you

No matter what

Though the world comes unglued

I will never give up

Never give up on you

I am learning the meaning of love

As I burn to redeem

What was purchased with blood

And I’m yearning to seek

What was lost in the flood

It’s as clear as a sign in the sky

If I fear it's a clear sign that I

Still have much left to learn about love

It is love to confess my devotion

It is power to love what is true

Not a passion or passing emotion

That will burn and then burn out on you

Forever my love, I will love you

For the power that’s burning in me

Has its source in unspeakable beauty

That endures for all eternity

Jesus leads me away from the darkness

For he brings me out into the light

Where his beautiful light shines upon you

To awaken my sense of delight

I can feel how this love overflowing

Overcomes all resistance in me

Until resting in patient persistence

I become what he makes me to be

So if you feel discouraged or lonely

On a path that is burdened with care

If the present demands are unending

And the future seems filled with despair

There is hope and it never will fail you

If you fight for the truth you pursue

That the one who loves you absolutely

Is the one who has made me for you

By Vic Lortz, 4/3/2008

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