Regarding Treasure

Footsteps fall in even measure

Every day and every night

What is guarded must be treasure

To inspire this solemn rite

Every movement is perfected

Every motion, every stride

What could warrant such devotion

What would make it justified?

Here was never buried treasure

Such as some might so esteem

Nothing but a fallen soldier

Nameless dust, or so it seems

Is it only vain and empty

To remember what is gone

Has he no inherent value

Is this rite a kind of wrong?

No, there is a deeper reason

Every drop of human blood

Every anguished cry of sorrow

Moves the loving heart of God

Others may not care or notice

Fools will never understand

Faithfulness reflects the heart of

Him who guards the heart of man

Vic Lortz


[A meditation on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier]

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