Bride of Christ

I come to you, my husband

With my heart prepared for you

You have not despised my weakness

And your heart to me is true

You have washed me in your water

You have satisfied my soul

You have carried all my sorrows

I am filled to overflow


This is a mystery I speak

For I have found all that I seek

In you

With you

Through you

I do

Love you

I give myself to you today

I want you to delight in me

I want to give you everything

If only you abide in me

Your words keep coming back to me

Oh, how I love to hear your voice

My thoughts keep going back to you

For you have made my heart rejoice


I am yours and yours alone

And your desire is for me

You are mine and I am yours

And you are wonderful to me

I come to you, my Savior

You have given me your name

For you give eternal love

And I will never be the same


Vic Lortz, 11/2002