The Choice

Your words, they are not far away

That I should say I did not know

So I could not obey

Your word is close as heart and soul

The choice is who is in control

And what I do today

You set before me life

You set before me death

And tell me to decide

Which way to go

Help me to hear your voice

Help me to make the choice

To live


To live each day in you

To stay so close

I scarcely know

The place I end and you begin

I fear you

With a desperate love

I hear the words that lift me up

Out of the clay, on eagle's wings

As you renew my heart again

You know all that can be known

You know it all

And though exposed

Before your throne

You still say I

Will ever be your own

You set before me life and death

And I will choose

Till my last breath

To love you more than life itself

And trust in you, not in myself

(Deut. 30:11-16)

Vic Lortz, 11/2003