Choose to Believe

I will choose to believe

And refuse to concede

As a foregone conclusion

The common confusion

That passes for wisdom

Irrational vision

Left standing on air

With the next generation

Left to land in despair

I will choose to believe

What I know we all need

Even deep introspection

Can conceal from detection

A great misdirection

In need of correction

So where can I turn

When I face this rejection

Do I dare now to learn?

I will dare to be strong

I will care and belong

To my Savior who always is true

Though the mirror is dim

I know nothing but him

Till my maker makes everything new

I will give and receive

I will live and believe

In the one who is worthy of praise

Though the world may repress

Him I love to confess

He will come to his own in the end

And redeem all who know him as friend

By Vic Lortz


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