I Cry Out

Verse 1:

When I cry out

To You,

O my Father…

When I kneel here

At Your feet,

My King,

I know

You’re with me

You listen

And Your mercy

Makes me



So I cry

Out to You

A new song

Make it true

Humble me

As I kneel

Set me free

Lord, please heal…

Chorus 1:

My heart, my soul.

My self control

I surrender to You

And cry out,

Make me new

(I cry out)

Verse 2:

A song of praise

To You,

O my Savior.

My hands I raise

To Your face,

My God.

I know

Your grace is

Enough, Lord,

And I dance in



(pre-chorus, chorus1)

Chorus 2:

Make me new.

I need You;

In You I

Need to live!

I surrender to You

All I have to give,

And cry out

Ending (optional):

Cry out Your praise…

By Kailee Lortz

August 13, 2009