One in a Million

You are one

One in a million

A million dreams

As dreams become

And I the one

Who stood like stone

Stone still alone

And then for you

I came to care

A million others

Can't compare

Of that I'm

Totally aware

I know you are

The one I need

So I won't

Hesitate to bleed

Or ever wear it

On my sleeve

As I disarm

My self defense

And gladly give

Without pretense

To liberate

And demonstrate

The power of faith

And confidence

Beyond belief

And common sense

The one who saves

His life will lose

And conversely

If I choose

What never is


The way for us

To truly live

If I could count

A million ways

How do I love

My only one

The hours in

A million days

Cannot begin

To hold my praise

Vic Lortz, 8/08