Follow the Call


I am called to love

I am called to live

I am called to follow

And forgive

As I follow you

Deeper into life

I am overwhelmed

By your sacrifice

It's a narrow road

That leads to life

And few who walk behind you

But you paid with blood

To be the Way

For those you chose to find you

How great your mercy to forgive

Your enemies and offer

Life to all who come to you

And light to those in darkness

So here I am, I hear your call

With love you do inspire

I will not hold to anything

That you of me require

There is a life I cannot lose

This one I cannot keep

But love and peace I find when I

Go with you to the deep


I will follow you

When you call to me

With all my heart

I come to you

Vic Lortz, 2/2003