Above All Names

Everybody knows your name

But how do you know mine?

And why do I keep feeling like

I knew you in another time?

Who do people say I am

You asked of men like me

Two thousand years ago

And it remains a mystery

Your name

It draws me

Your name

It awes me

Jesus, who are you?

And who am I

To claim you know me too?

Closer than a brother

Closer than a lover

How can it be?

That you who rule the universe know me?

Your name, it brings me to my knees

So ashamed of my disease

I call upon your name

Have mercy, Jesus, please

Have mercy, have mercy on me

For you are more than just a name

You hold the keys to life

Your word will silence everything

And put an end to strife

And on that day all fear will fly

Though tears today may overflow

For you who made my eyes

Have promised then to make them dry

Your name

It draws me

Your name

It awes me

Jesus, who are you?

The answer echoes out of every age

Drowning out the senseless rage

Of nations drenched in pain

Who still refuse to call your name

Repent, repent, you call again

To every ear that hears

And all who truly come to you

Have no more need to fear

You call by name

All who belong

All who belong to you

And all along you always knew

All who would truly come to you

I'll run to you

With all my strength

You lead me on and on

Until I rise

Into the skies and shining like the dawn

The first, the last, the holy one

The name above all names

To you the holy one I love

Forever to bring praise

Vic Lortz, 9/04