I Will Rise

I will rise

I will rise

From the ashes

That remain of what

I fail to realize

Your kindness and your mercy

Leave me speechless in surprise

Instead of scorn you look on me

With understanding eyes

If souls can be reborn

Then you can make me be alive

Be alive

Be alive and rise

Arise my wayward child

Today be reconciled

Be open blinded eyes

Renew your mind with mine

It's time to leave behind

Regrets and wasted time


Arise today

The hour already late

For you and me won't wait

Get up don't hesitate

Pursue the path that's straight

Whatever it may take

Go through the narrow gate

So I will rise

I will rise

With every step determined

To retrace the painful miles

Because I know the kindness

Of your understanding eyes

I refuse to wallow in

Regrets and wasted time

I who once was dead to you

Have now become alive

By Vic Lortz


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