Not Fatherless

I remember the call

It came late in the night

What's happening mom

I know something's not right

It couldn't be real

Everything had gone wrong

Yesterday you were here

But today you are gone

How could I live

Without you in my life

Your strength and your faith

Made our family thrive

The pain I still feel

Remains hard to express

Every day as I live my life


You were faithful to momma

You taught me to love

You caught my wild pitches

You bought me my glove

You worked every day

To give us a good life

And stood there with pride

As I married my wife

Then kids came along

We were blessed through the years

Though sometimes a season

Brought worry and tears

In spite of the stress

I still knew what to do

Because I never grew up


None of us knows

When his days will be done

We each have a purpose

And race to be run

To live life with courage

Is part of the call

Of Him who created

And authored it all

He did what He did

Perfect love to express

So I know I've never been


Vic Lortz, 11/2014

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