Awake and Alive

You opened my eyes

To a wonderful sight

Awake and alive

In a glorious light

Revealing your beauty

In endless delight

Amazed and inspired

By beauty so bright

You are holy

You reveal only the truth

And you rescue the soul

Who hopes only in you

Though once I mistrusted

The one who is true

I now know that I

Have hope only in you

For you waited for me

To awaken to you

And your passion to save

All who trust only you

To believe in your word

As the truth and the way

And receive what I need

But can never repay

Like a dream all the chains

On my heart fell away

And I opened my eyes

On that wonderful day

Became truly alive

To the truth and the life

On that beautiful day

In your glorious light

Vic Lortz, December, 2004